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The Fundamentals

A cycle of 3  workshop to create a solid, alive, and anchored base, necessary for any exploration of yourself.

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Embrace your fears, Dare your desires.

Do you really know what Fear is? Do you know how much it costs you in your life? Do you really know its mechanisms ? How does it manifest itself, creep into our daily lives? How to free yourself from it? This is what we invite you to discover in this course.

During the two days of training, you will learn to recognize the different kinds of fears and the universal mechanism to which they respond. You will learn through emotional and relational intelligence and transparent communication how to take responsibility of your life. You will discover 12 simple and effective keys that will allow you to slowly and surely  free yourself from your fears. The theory will be supported by concrete applications of the concepts that will accompany you beyond the doors of the workshop and allow you to bring it to your life, the one that is beyond the cocoon of our exploration.  You will have the tools to take back the reins of your life.

Ready for the big jump?  


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Unmask yourself, Reveal the being that you are.

During these 2 days of training, we will explore this strange thing called ego. This slightly catch-all word stirs up more and more fantasies. The more the years go by, the more we identify with this worldly mask until we believe that we are one with it. So who is he? she? it? What are the differences between ego, personality, ego, self, pride, character  ?

During the workshop, we offer you a pedagogy in which the theory is at the service of practice in order to flush out all the subtle mechanisms that our ego has created to veil itself and to create suffering. You will receive tools  to understand how your identity was built,  how you let yourself be imprisoned, and how you will finally make your ego an ally in the service of your development.

This workshop requires from you an involvement and a personal desire to step out of your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Ready to unmask yourself?

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Helping Hand

Get out of the debate, Get results.

How to communicate with others, even when you are right, without trying to be right  ? This is what we will explore during these 2 days of training. This exploration will lead us to understand how to thwart the mechanisms that lead us to prefer being right rather than being in a relationship.

The pedagogical approach is based on a theory at the service of practice so that the benefits experienced during the workshop can fit in your daily life. You will experience live a set of keys in order to defuse any conflicts within minutes.  

Will you dare to get out of conflict, will you dare harmony  ?  

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