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A care closest to you

Somatic Sexual Healing

A dive into yourself

It is a dance for two, where the masseur listens to the body of the other, its breaths, its contractions, its openings, its vibrations to accompany each person massaged towards a unique experience. It is a present, benevolent and loving touch simply to offer presence, benevolence and love.


It is a touch that allows all bodies to be seen in their entirety, recognized for what they are fundamentally beyond concepts, gender, sexualities, ...

The massaged person is the creator of his/her experience,
The masseur is an active witness of this journey.


It is an art that will transform your connection and guide you towards a rediscovery of yourself and your partner when practiced as a couple. Tantra perceives the body as a whole. Each part of the body is massaged and approached with attention. 

The sexual energy can be awakened and used to reach higher levels of awareness.

It is a dive into yourself where 
your vulnerability meets my presence

Marc Dujarric Accu.png

Acufacial massage

Certified according to the Jarrousse Method

THE ACUFACIAL  is Natacha's signature  Jarrousse. This is an acupressure protocol which uses the meridians that pass through the face and the skull to balance the metabolism. Over time, the 4 organs that slow down the most are the liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs. When an organ slows down, all the other organs tune into the slower to maintain the metabolic balance, but the metabolism of assimilation and elimination is then too slow.

Natacha Jarrousse leaned on her
 expertise in facial anatomy and in  myology to create a very original facial massage, which combines a  internal-external action. A phase of increased vascularity supports the  skin needs and an increased hydration phase supports the needs of facial muscles.

ACUFACIAL is also a protocol
 ideal for increasing the density of the skin, offering it greater resistance to aggressions. A kind of excellent facial bodybuilding session to maintain energizing contractility, which is biologically and psychologically effective for  secure the identity associated with the self-image.

For a demo video, click here.

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