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Slow Dating

How to meet with the other, next to the other and especially how to meet the other?

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Meeting yourself through others

Volume I

The encounter sells. It is offered to us in all its forms, like a secret norm. On the market of the love date, applications, advertisements and wellness courses try to make it desirable, exchangeable, profitable, institutionalizable so that it does not upset everything.


Often, dating is scary.


It is often at the moment when we are about to be met, that is, to be completely seen by the other person, that we feel like running away, or even stopping the relationship.


 What if sharing this discomfort was the gateway to our vulnerability? A possibility to let ourselves be altered by the other without fear of disappearing, to put ourselves at the service of something that goes beyond our two individualities: the relationship.


The relationship is richness when I meet myself with the other.
During this evening, you will celebrate by learning to meet the other and to meet yourself through the other. You will learn how to stay connected to you during an encounter - you with your desires, your emotions and your thoughts. You will reveal your implicit expectations.


 You will practice meeting the other with who you are today, beyond who you think you are and the person you aspire to be.

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