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About me

When he stops his engineering studies, Marc began a great exploration of his inner world. This adventure begins with an Ericksonian-type therapy that spans for several years, followed by many more years of confronting himself in the mirror of various individual therapies styles. During the 18 years that followed, he continued his journey by training in Non-Violent Communication, different types of massages, meditation, shamanic journeys, dances, familial constellation, psycho-body and spiritual coaching. At the same time, he deepend his own self-exploration through many approaches like Vipassana, Tibetan, and Darkroom retreat, taking plant medicine, family constellation, positive sexuality, readings on magical, philosophical, spiritual and esoteric thoughts, shamanic journeys, psycho-boxing, free and African dance, various and varied diets. This non-exhaustive list is there for two reasons: one to reassure himself that he is sufficiently trained to coach, and the other to testify that it is easy to lose oneself in self-exploration along the way. Following a spiritual crisis, he decided to give more importance to his inner wisdom. Today, he shares, through different workshops, the methods that allowed him to get there, in order to enjoy and live his daily life in a more joyful, more pragmatic and simpler way at the same time.

His approach: to bring out our strengths in gentleness and benevolence, without being complacent.

His mission: to create a world of joy, light, and conviviality by sharing his golds and assuming his shadows with a smile and lightness.

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